Lessons Learned

We all have moments we can point to and say”that changed my life”  because we learned something about ourself or those around us.   I have many moments…I believe we are always figuring out who we are.  Most of my moments occured in the last year or so.  It has been a year since I started blogging…so what have I learned? 

Summer day in the 1970’s,   page Once Upon a Blog…  I learned I loved my brother…not sure I knew that before some summer day in the 1970’s.

9/12/2010  post I thought I knew my brother, not   What did I discover–the brother I knew was a humanitarian, go figure.   (It was actually 4/24 but I did not start my blog till Sept and did not know I could change the posting dates back then) 

11/21/2010 post If talking scares the fish away, sobbing would make them swim for the hills  I really can stop talking, especially when I want to tell someone how much they mean to me and how much I love them.  (actual date was around 9/30)

1/27/2011 post Pause for the Cause    I learned I can be patient, with the right motivation 🙂 

2/17/2011 post  Just another Thursday Night     I learned how incredible my family is.  Well I already knew they were, this just proved it.

2/18/2011 post  I Voted for WHAT?!    I saw how I wanted to die, surrounded by people I love.

5/17/2011 Almost as Scary as Karaoke   Sharing this blog with family and friends didn’t kill me.

7/28/2011 In Your Living Years  I can hike, I don’t like it (which I knew) but I can do it.

9/12/2011 post Since when does good news make you want to throw up?  The radiation worked.


http://birdsalltrip.wordpress.com/ blog about our yellowstone roadtrip


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