In dreams

This is a post I drafted on Steve’s birthday last year.  For some reason I never posted it.  So the dream Chris had is over a year old.  I figured out the other day that I never clicked the [btn Publish] (check it out P1 peeps, I haven’t forgotten!).  I think now there is a reason this was sitting out there…waiting for the right time to be published.  Recently we visited Chris’s dad’s grave.  Fred was a man of the woods so he is resting in a very peaceful spot, in the trees with the sound of a stream nearby.  We found the log but we were not sure of the exact spot by the log.   Chris, dad and Mike F. looked and looked by the log but were not sure of the exact spot.  We wanted to be sure we placed the new marker in the right place.  Chris whispered to himself, “Hey dad, can you give us a little help?”.  And Fred, being Fred, lent one of his big hands and the next place Chris placed the garden hoe hit an old foam block, covered in moss, with a very weather worn, moss covered artificial plant.  This was it.  Thank you Fred, for guiding Chris through his life and that day.  And thank you mom and dad for doing this.  We know Fred meant a lot to you two as well.  His mark is all over the lodge.

So, even though the post below is over a year old, because we visited Fred recently and because another person from Steve’s past shared a story about him from Jr. High this week, this is the right time.   His life continues to touch us in sweet and surprising ways.


Chris dreamed of you earlier this week. You, Fred, Chris and I were wading in a river getting ready to fish. Chris needed more leader and for some reason I brought a bunch of it. So Chris came to me and picked some out. You came over to look at the leader I had. Your face lit up and you were impressed (since I don’t even know what leader is, it is pretty impressive I had any). While you were talking about how the leader would make it better to catch fish, Fred waded up the river and around a bend out of site. You soon followed him. Chris and I stayed and fished.

Chris said the dream had a happy feeling, but sad when he woke up that you and Fred were gone and we did not have more time in the dream with you two.

Of course I have to analyze the dream, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t ask a bunch of questions.  What are you trying to tell us, Steve?  What river were we fishing? Why leader and not bait or flies, I actually know what those are?  How many fish did we catch? What the heck is leader!?  Why don’t you visit us more in our dreams?

We miss you. No words can express how much we miss you. There are days when we miss you more, and other days even more.  Never a day we miss you less.

I am glad you and Fred are fishing buddies.


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