Missing Socks

Last week I visited the lodge, the first time in years.  I did not expect so many memories of you there.

That is the river we floated down in the summer to cool off after chopping up wood.  I don’t think we even had inner tubes or swim suits…I think we just jumped in the river in our clothes and floated to the bridge where dad picked us up (don’t try this at home…or in a river).

There is where Becky and I leaned through an empty window frame to dump a glass of water on you one time.   You got us back and then some later but dowsing us with a pitcher of water.

Here is where you performed “We are Family” with Becky, Holly and I.  We have the video of you in the dress to prove it.  And how can I forget the duet you did with the puppet that made Katelyn scream.

In the kitchen I can see the rows of cookies you made each Christmas.  How you would protect the cookie dough…except for the time you so sweetly gave Bethany the ball of cookie dough you covered in garlic!  (hmmm, tasty!)

Gone is the “pit” where you stayed by my side for a couple of days when I was sick with my cyst…keeping me company and bringing me ice packs in the middle of the night to help dull the pain.

And every where is the laughter.  Down each hallway, around every corner, in the pit, at the table, by the cookies and cinnamon rolls.  Although it is the middle of the day, I can hear us all playing socks in the lodge in the dark. Sometimes I did not mind being one of the first to lose…it meant I could sit by the fireplace and listen to you laugh somewhere in the building when you were in a life and death battle with another armed with dad’s socks.

Your laugh, just about the best sound in the world.  I get mad that the only way I can hear you laugh now is by memory or videos.

I miss it, and socks.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Becky Hansen
    Jul 12, 2013 @ 21:50:38

    Beautiful, Lisa.Thank you for the surfacing of those memories.


  2. grumpybutterfly
    Jul 12, 2013 @ 21:55:10

    Thanks Bec.


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